Hayri Uygur

Bulgaria  ·   youtube.com/channel/UCUmCZoMcWxP52QOVUZDohQA

I have been into electronics for over 40 years now, but back then it was more difficult to make complex electronics. After several years of not doing much in the field I discovered the Arduino UNO and the rest was history, so to speak. I started out by not being able to find a nice CNC controller board, so I made my own. After discovering OLED displays and their use a new world opened up, leading to my creation of the CAN BUS Gauge.

After fighting with program space on the Atmega328 chip and being limited by the features I wanted to add, I switched to the bigger brother of the 328, the Atmega1284P. I could not find a good enough development board with the 1284P so I created my own with the features that are missing on other boards.

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