Pixelblaze V3

by Hencke Technologies

A Wi-Fi-enabled, live-codable LED controller with a web-based development environment

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Pre-order Status, Weather Delay

Pixelblaze items are en route to Mouser’s warehouse, and are expected to arrive this week. Once the parts are processed into inventory, pending orders will begin shipping out. If you placed a pre-order after the campaign ended, it will be filled with this incoming batch of products.

Orders may be delayed due to recent severe and inclement weather conditions in the US.

Crowd Supply orders are shipped from Mouser Electronics, which is located in Texas. The warehouse was severely impacted by the inclement weather and power outages last week in Texas and the surrounding area. Outgoing orders may be subject to delays, but we have updated the expected delivery date with our best estimate considering the situation. Thanks for your continued patience and support. You may contact Crowd Supply support team with any other questions.

Pixelblaze Output Expander: If you have a pending order that includes a Pixelblaze Output Expander, this product is still in production and will be ready to ship a few weeks after the other items become available. You can see the estimated shipping date in your Crowd Supply account. An order will ship when all of the items included are available, so if your order includes the Output Expander (individually or as part of the Full Kit), your order will ship at this later date.

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Product Choices


Pixelblaze V3 Standard

The Pixelblaze V3 Standard comes with a solderable pin header and screw terminal


Pixelblaze V3 Pico

Due to its tiny size, the Pixelblaze Pico does not come with solderable headers. You don't need them!


Pixelblaze Sensor Board

Use sound, movement, light, and more to control your Pixelblaze with this add-on. Comes with two solderable terminal headers


Pixelblaze Output Expander

Give Pixelblaze 8 outputs and simplify wiring and power distribution, up to 64 outputs in a single system. Drive any combination of WS2812/APA102 type LEDs and up to 800/600 pixels per output. Comes with three header terminals and one screw terminal, all solderable.


8x8 LED Matrix

Made in-house right alongside the Pixelblaze, this 67.5 x 67.5 mm (about 2.7" square) LED Matrix is perfect for interesting little projects, perhaps even...an LED cube? Comes with one solderable 15 cm wired header.


Hencke Technologies

Hencke Technologies, Inc. is the company behind the ElectroMage and Pixelblaze product lines. We are a product design and manufacturing company in Vancouver, WA that specializes in LED and IoT technology.

Benjamin Hencke

CEO of many hats

Chris "TP" Blue

Production Specialist

Jeff Vyduna

Pixel Enchanter

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