Hexabitz Modular Electronics

Nature-mimicking electronic prototyping that's modular, hardy, and 3-dimensional

May 15, 2018

Project update 1 of 11

Campaign Launched!

Every journey starts somewhere and ours started here, today! We invite you fellow engineers, makers, and tinkerers to join us on an awesome journey to redefine electronic prototyping and take modularity to the next level!

Technically, our journey started years ago with a dream about pursuing modular electronics. After a few dead-ends and detours, we ended up with a wild idea about building electronics that closely mimics natural modular structures. What’s inside, however, is even more revolutionary than the simple natural form factor. We invite you to see all the geeky details in the "How Hexabitz is unique?" section of our campaign page and find out more about things like dust computing and the wired-mesh.

The initial concept for Hexabitz did not come from a dedicated brainstorming session about the topic, but rather from researching totally different problems related to drones and optical communication. Sometimes, you can only disrupt an industry if you take a break from it and let your mind wander, constraint-free.

We’ve organized our first 14 modules into a couple of kits to give you a place to start. However, you can build your own kit with the Mix-n-Match pledge level. We’re really excited to find out what ideas our dear backers want to pursue, especially those tough ones that you cannot easily prototype currently with available platforms.

We also have a special treat for early-bird backers! We’re giving away our awesome T-shirt and an FTDI USB-UART cable to the first 20 backers. Don’t delay! You WILL love this T-shirt (and the cable is handy, too).

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