Hexabitz Modular Electronics

Nature-mimicking electronic prototyping that's modular, hardy, and 3-dimensional

Jun 04, 2018

Project update 5 of 11

Factsheets a.k.a. Documentation

Factsheets are Hexabitz’s take on documentation! They’re a mix between a hardware datasheet and a software cheatsheet. They should get you up to speed on any module and provide quick access to the most needed information, e.g., major component part numbers, module APIs and Commands, etc. The software section features some simple examples as well to provide quick help with the syntax. Factsheets are designed to be printed double-sided and can be kept in nylon sheet covers so that they’re easily accessible when you need them.

Each module factsheet should generally contain the following information:

Module Categories

Hexabitz modules are usually organized in the following categories. The factsheets are color-coded according to these categories to help you classify them quickly:

Check links to module Factsheets in the campaign main body (Technical Specifications section in the Documentation column). One example is the H01R00 factsheet. Note that some factsheets are not ready yet.

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