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Nature-mimicking electronic prototyping that's modular, hardy, and 3-dimensional

Jun 29, 2018

Project update 11 of 11

We didn't make it... but we're still shipping!

Thank you to everyone who supported our campaign. Our crowdfunding campaign did not reach its goal on time. As such, your credit card won’t be charged and you won’t be receiving what you ordered through the Crowd Supply campaign.

However, we’re still committed to our mission of making hardware design accessible to everyone. We are doing our best to ship awesome modular hardware to all creative makers. Unfortunately, we will have to postpone the release of few modules till next year. Most of the modules shown in this campaign will be available through our online store albeit at lower quantities: https://hexabitz.com/shop/. The website is still a work-in-progress so please excuse our mess!

Along with the online store, we are announcing our commitment to openly share the details and costs of eveything that goes into our modules. The concept is called Radical Transparency and is pioneered by beloved brands such as Everlane. There has been an ongoing push toward openness and transparency in many industries, including food, fashion and cosmetics. Unfortunately, the electronics industry is lagging behind with almost zero transparency and accountability.

Each module page features a full Bill of Materials (BOM) with actual component part numbers, cost, and quantity. All costs associated with making a module are published, along with our own markup (33% if you ask!). If you hover on an individual item cost, a tooltip text tells you the quantity of components purchased at this price as shown in the screenshot below. We are committed to keeping this information up-to-date and as accurate as possible. The numbers automatically update from our internal database. If module cost goes up or down, we will pass along the cost increase or decrease to our users transparently.

Hexabits Team

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