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A fingertip-size ARM M4F module with Bluetooth 5.2, Thread, Zigbee and 46 I/O


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Product Choices



One BLYST840 module (NRF52840 CKAA module)


BLYST840 USB Dongle

One BLYST840 module assembled on a USB Type-A or Type-C breakout board.


BLYST840 Breakout Board

One BLYST840 module assembled on a breadboard-ready DIP48 breakout board with a USB micro port.


BLYST840 Exploration Kit

This kit is perfect for starter to learn about micro-controller with Bluetooth 5 & Bluetooth Mesh development. Two BLYST840 modules, one DIP48 Breakout Board, one BLYST840 USB Type-A Dongle, and an IDAP-Link CMSIS-DAP Debug JTAG.



Allows firmware flashing easily by copying the firmware file over without requiring any special flashing software and will work instantly with Windows, Linux & OSX operating systems. It provides a UART to USB bridge for communication between the target device and the PC. It also provides regulated 3.3 V power to directly power the target device over USB without an additional power source.


BLYST840 x 2

Two BLYST840 modules


BLYST840 x 5

Five BLYST840 modules


BLYST840 x 10

Ten BLYST840 modules


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Nguyen Hoan Hoang

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