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A secure, battery-operated, blockchain-ready, cellular-IoT prototyping platform based on the nRF91

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First Power-On, With Data Visualization!

by Raullen C

Only six days left before our crowdfunding campaign ends, and we’ve been amazed by the great support this community has shown so far. Thank you! All of the "Pioneer" and "Early Bird" options are sold out, and our remaining pledge level is going fast.

First Power-Up

We invite you to enjoy the following video of a Pebble Tracker powering up for the first time (including a ThingsBoard data visualization).

Watch it now on YouTube!

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raullenchai  ·   Menlo Park, CA

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Pebble Tracker

Pebble Tracker, along with molded case with OLED display, plastic enclosure, lithium ion battery, LTE antenna, Micro-USB-to-USB-Type-A cable, and a label with your board's IMEI number.



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