IQ Fortiq BLS42

Compact, high-performance servo motors for industrial and robotics applications

Mar 13, 2023

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Addressing Manufacturing Issues With Our Motors' Phase-Wire Exit Ports

by Jon B

As you know from our last update, we recently received the motors from our manufacturer. Unfortunately, the motors were not made to spec. Because the controllers are integrated into the motor, the phase wires leading from the motor need to be fed a certain way so that they can be connected to the controller. Our manufacturer made a mistake with the design where the exit that they created for the phase wires is not quite the right shape to properly feed the leads through the controller housing onto the controller.

Fortunately, this is not a critical design flaw that will necessitate a rework or an entirely new production run. Instead, we’ve had to change the "backpack" (the aluminum part that houses the motor controller) design and order a new batch to be compatible with the motor.

We expect to get all the parts in by the end of March, at which point we’ll begin final testing and assembly.

Old Wire-Exit Design

New Wire-Exit Design

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