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Oct 30, 2020

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Benefits of an Integrated Motor and Controller

by Jon B

IQ Motion Control was built on the foundation of advanced motor control with position sensing. Position sensors are often bulky and expensive, but IQ’s goal was to create the most compact, high performance motor, controller, and sensor package on the market. With tight integration and specific motor-controller compatibility, IQ will push the miniaturization of aerial vehicles and robotics forward, improve performance in existing machines, and enable entirely new vehicles.

One factor that drives companies towards integrated solutions is the obvious motor-controller compatibility. Some companies combine motors and controllers that are manufactured by different companies, and this can be an engineer’s worst nightmare. Due to incompatibility, a motor may melt or simply not spin. In worse cases, the motor or controller could explode and catch fire. Regardless, companies spend too much time and resources attempting to combine motors and controllers that were not designed to work together. Using an integrated motor and controller removes these potential hardware and software failures. For example, users won’t have to worry if the controller is using the appropriate voltage or sending the correct signals.

As part of the integrated module, IQ’s controller is tuned to know every detail about its motor. Every motor and controller has slight assembly variations and IQ’s calibration process allows the controller to learn the unique properties of its motor based on the information it gets from the position sensor. Calibration is an integral part of IQ’s products and enables us to make high end products without using expensive hardware or manufacturing processes. Additionally, IQ’s encoder linearization significantly increases the positional precision and accuracy of the motor by reducing inherent error in magnetic encoders. Hence, the controller can more accurately apply the correct currents to achieve the desired speed, position and trajectories.

IQ’s integrated modules not only deliver high end performance, they also improve the physical capabilities of the machine. We eliminate power wires and save weight due to the extremely compact design. We are also able to house the position sensor directly inside the motor-controller package, which saves significant space compared to standard industrial servo motors.

Choosing IQ’s integrated motor and controller will guarantee users the compatibility, high performance, and space/weight efficiency they need to optimize their vehicle!

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