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May 20, 2021

Project update 5 of 7

Campaign Ends Soon, Parts Ordering is Underway

by Adam Z

Hey Everybody!

Short update this week- there are only a few days left in the campaign and the orders keep pouring in. I’m very excited to tell you, I’ve started ordering parts! The variable inductors that tune the audio carrier offset have a pretty long lead time, so I estimated how many we would need, rounded up, and placed the first volume order of the campaign. Everything else will be ordered as soon as the campaign ends so we can start manufacturing boards and get them into your hands ASAP.

Speaking of getting boards into your hands, if you haven’t ordered yet, now is the time! I keep getting great questions from you all, both through the CrowdSupply Form and via my Twitter account. If there’s anything I can clear up, or if you just want to say hi, please reach out.

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