uChip Simple VGA Console (uSVC)

by ITACA Innovation

Portable, DIY, open hardware retro-gaming console

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A Tutorial on Reading Input From USB Keyboards & Controllers

by next-hack

Hi there,

Thanks again to everybody who helped us reach our goal. Today is the last day of our crowdfunding campaign, and, to celebrate—you guessed it—we’ve published another tutorial! This week, we walk you through some of the techniques you’ll use to create your very first uSVC game.

Since that game is likely to involve some combination of moving, running, jumping, and shooting, let’s get started with this tutorial on reading input from USB keyboards and controllers. In it, we cover the USB-host interface provided in the uSVC kernel.

Once again, here is the updated list of available uSVC guides:

Additional tutorials will be published in the coming weeks!


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uChip Simple VGA Console (uSVC) Kit

One DIY uSVC kit containing all of the components you will need to build your uSVC. The uChip is pre-programmed and MicroSD card slot is pre-soldered. All other parts are easy-to-solder, through-hole components.


3D-Printed Enclosure for uSVC

A stylish, 3D-printed case, designed and printed by Stefano Rubini to the precise specifications of uSVC.


Power & Data Cables

A (male) USB Type-B to (male) USB Type-A power cable and a (female) USB Type-A to (male) Micro-USB OTG cable


uChip Microcontroller Board

Arduino-Zero-compatible microcontroller board in a narrow, DIP-16 package. Includes solder-yourself pin headers.


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