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Nov 17, 2020

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More Details About Our 3D-Printed Enclosure

by Antonio Rizzo

Hi uSVC enthusiasts,

Great news on the 3D-case for uSVC. Stefano has been working hard to optimize and improve the design of the stylish 3D case specifically designed for uSVC while adding both functional and aesthetic features… But first things first, here is a very cool rendering of the new case:

Let’s recap all the key-points of Stefano’s design up to now:

But could Stefano just stop here? Obviously not…he’s a real DIY’er after all, besides being an engineer. So he’s refined the design, sharpening a bit here and smoothing a bit there. Here is a complete list of his additions and improvements:

Do you think ALL these features are not enough? Please tell us what you would like to add and/or improve. If you didn’t order a case initially, but you think that Stefano outdid himself since the case is even cooler than before? What are you waiting for, get a case by adding a few bucks. The case will be a limited edition since Stefano will print them himself.

The case step files will be fully open source by the end of the campaign once we have the definitive final design. Stay tuned for future updates!

Antonio Rizzo
Itaca Innovation

PS: Stefano promised he won’t sleep at night if you order more than he can handle in daylight, let’s see how far he can go! :P

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