48 Hour Portland Film Festival Team

by Jeremy Cropf Film Team

We are participating in Portland's 48 Hour Film Project this year and we need your help!


  • Spencer S

    Princeton, NJ

  • Gary H

    portland, OR

  • Seanacey P

    Portland, OR

  • Sarah V

    Cary, NC

  • Edvin O

    yonkers, NY

  • Gary S

    Portland, OR

  • Jennifer K

  • Edgar P

    Vancouver, WA

  • Auntie H

    Ithaca, NY

  • Collins L

    Brentwood, MO

  • Lucy G


  • Maggie H

    great neck, NY

  • Linda S

    Findlay, OH

  • Sonya S

    St. Louis, MO

  • Marion K

    Portland, OR

  • Kathryn D

  • Jennifer G

  • Scott T

    California, US

  • Alan L

    Rochester, MN

  • Louis D

    portland, OR

  • William S

    Portland, OR

$1,380 raised

of $1,000 goal

138% Funded!
Not Available
Jul 31 2013
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Jeremy Cropf Film Team

We are an up-and-coming film production company devoted to making films that are creative, unique, and visually exciting.

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