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50% Funded and a Short Video

Hello ELLO 2M supporters,

Thank you very much for your initial support of the campaign. Because of your efforts the ELLO 2M is over 50% funded in the campaign’s first week. We’ve still got a ways to go, but I am humbled by the quick start, so thank you again.

I will be releasing a series of short videos about the ELLO 2M throughout the campaign, starting today with this short video about the ELLO 2M’s keyboard PCBs.

Stay tuned later this week for a build-out video!



$23,400 raised

of $14,000 goal

167% Funded!
Not Available
Jul 10 2016
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Receive an assembled ELLO 2M with universal keyboard lay-out, built-in BASIC, and built-in prototyping boards. The assembled Hacker XL version is signed by the creator.


Yellow Beak Computer Ltd

What ELLO is about, is creativity and challenge by emulating a modest system similar to those which created the current generation of engineers and programmers, to give one the chance to learn how to value system resources, and come up with optimized solutions.

Konstantin Dimitrov

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