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New Pledge Levels

Hello all,

I would like to introduce some new pledge levels, available now. After research and hearing feedback from supporters and those interested in the ELLO 2M, the following pledge levels have been added:

ELLO 2M Electronic Intro Kit $15
E-book with ideas, jumper wires and components, to get you started with prototyping on ELLO.

ELLO 2M Electronic Experimenter Companion $40
E-book with ideas plus a board with various sensors and indicators, to see what ELLO is capable of.

ELLO 1M $100
A miniaturized headless cut-down revision of ELLO 2M, for use with external terminal.

Also, someone suggested to me to put a high-res picture of the signals on the expansion header. Here is one.

Again I would like to thank all of your for your support thus far. We are 70% funded with several weeks to go, lets keep things rolling!



$23,400 raised

of $14,000 goal

167% Funded!
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Jul 10 2016
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Receive an assembled ELLO 2M with universal keyboard lay-out, built-in BASIC, and built-in prototyping boards. The assembled Hacker XL version is signed by the creator.


Yellow Beak Computer Ltd

What ELLO is about, is creativity and challenge by emulating a modest system similar to those which created the current generation of engineers and programmers, to give one the chance to learn how to value system resources, and come up with optimized solutions.

Konstantin Dimitrov

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