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Jun 27, 2016

Project update 5 of 16

Stretch Goals and Final Two Weeks

Hi all, With less than two weeks remaining until the end of the funding campaign, the project is nearly 90% funded now. A final push and a few more supporters will make the ELLO computer a reality. Please share and spread the word in your circles so this could finally happen. I was asked on several occasions about the stretch goals and what will happen with the rewards of those people who have already pledged their support at earlier stage. The original funding goal of the campaign is $14k. If this is reached, the campaign will be a success and everyone who has given to support the project, will receive the selected original reward. The original rewards include the ELLO 2M configurations (pre-assembled, bare boards, or assembly kits) built around the PIC32MX470 chip, the ELLO 1M modification, the ELLO companion, the ELLO introductory kit, and the ELLO keyring. If the campaign is lucky enough to gain further support and reaches the level of $16k, then the two ‘Hacker’ models of ELLO 2M – ‘Hacker’ and ‘Hacker XL’, will be unlocked. At that moment everyone will have a choice whether to receive the original ELLO 2M or an upgraded revision built around the PIC32MZ/EF chip. The original models will still be available along with the hacker models, so it will be a matter of individual choice which one you will receive. The ELLO 2M Developer model will be possible to be upgraded to ELLO 2M Hacker; the ELLO 2M Geek model will be upgradeable to ELLO 2M Hacker XL. The original assembly kit will also be upgradeable to Hacker XL assembly kit, and the bare boards will be upgradeable to bare boards for PIC32MZ/EF model instead. Again, that will be entirely down to the personal choice of every single supporter. Funding levels between \$14k and \$16k will not have any impact on the campaign – it will be a success, but the Hacker models will not be available. I hope this clarifies the matter, and hope to be able to take it to a successful end and deliver this beautiful system to many people. Thank you all for the what has been achieved so far! Konstantin

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