A reconfigurable Linux computer that connects to the real world: ARM + FPGA + Wi-Fi + 180 I/O

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Oct 16, 2015

Project update 1 of 60

1 Week... > 50%

We’re more than half way there!! Thanks to all of you for your support so far - over 200 snickerdoodles and more than 50% of our goal in less than a week! If for some reason you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last week and still haven’t picked up a snickerdoodle, stop reading this and go here now.
{snickerdoodle-logo} Now, onto some important updates: International shipping: We’ve made some major changes to international shipping! We wanted to make sure shipping costs didn’t deter international snickerdoodlers so effective immediately, worldwide shipping for all baseboards and accessories is now 100% covered by snickerdoodle’s shipping charges! International orders just add $20 per snickerdoodle…and that’s it (if your order contains more than one snickerdoodle, your shipping charges will be adjusted after the order is submitted to ensure you are not overcharged). Note: any international orders that have already been placed will be adjusted to reflect this change and a new confirmation email will be sent reflecting the reduced shipping fees, so no action needed there. The krtkl YouTube Channel is live! We just uploaded our first (of many!) tutorial videos. The first is on how to install the software development tools in Linux. Next up is the same for Windows along with some “Hello, World!,” “blinky,” and other examples. Check it out and be sure to subscribe!

And last but not least: a new baseboard is on the way… We have a very exciting baseboard that will surely make your snickerdoodle experience even crazier. We will be unveiling and adding it to the campaign next week, so stay tuned for the next update!

That’s it! Please keep up the good work getting the word out via Facebook, Twitter, email, forums, and anywhere and everywhere else and let’s hit that goal! Best regards,
Cousins, Weatherbee, and Bush

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