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Jan 29, 2016

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snickerdoodle Update - Jan 29, 2016

Dear snickerdoodlers,

Right about now you’re probably wondering: “What the heck is going one over there at snickerdoodle HQ?!"

Well, it’s been a crazy few weeks to start the year and while we don’t have a ton of “exciting" news, we do have some updates to provide.

For our brave Alpha users out there, boards are “in progress”… There was a bit of confusion/miscommunication out of the gate with the fab house (which lead to a delay of a couple weeks), but right now - as long as things stay on track - we’re expecting to get the Alphas out the door around the end of February.

As far as production units go, we’re in the process of nailing down the long lead-time parts (particularly on some of the baseboards) and working out the supply chain and contract manufacturing side of things. We don’t have an exact delivery date for these units yet, but we’ll be sure to keep everyone up to speed on the progress there.

On a side note: while nothing ever seems to move as quickly as we’d like it to, we assure you we are working around the clock with our vendors and partners to make sure your support of the snickerdoodle project is justly rewarded and that we follow through on our promises to all of you in a timely manner.

The good news is: we have a whole bunch of exciting stuff happening on the software side of things (a few folks have even been so kind to put some pieces together despite not even having hardware, which is super awesome and greatly appreciated)! All you Linux and ROS users out there will like what we have in store… And we’ll be putting some more documentation and videos together around working with the toolchain and FPGA side of things.

In case you haven’t already checked it out, you should take a look at our GitHub and YouTube Channel to get up to speed.

Thanks to everyone for the continued patience and enthusiasm. More to come shortly…


Cousins, Weatherbee, and Bush

krtkl inc.
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