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Apr 19, 2016

Project update 16 of 60

snickerdoodle Update - 19 April 2016

Hola snickerdoodlers,

Another (overdue) update on everything…

You’ll be pleased to hear that snickerdoodle is flying high! The hardware (the power rails, microcontroller, processor, FPGA, Wi-Fi, and I/O), the software (Ubuntu Linux, ROS, bare metal, and the Xilinx tools), everything is coming along swimmingly. As you read this, the last of the fixes are being integrated into the PCB files and we expect the new round of fabs to be off to the presses by the end of the week…

We’re also on track to get about 100 breakyBreakys in by Friday. We got a sneak peak at the PCBs and they’re looking prettaay, prettaaay, prettaaaay, pretty good. AND…you didn’t hear it from us, but the word on the street is: piSmasher just might be making an earlier-than-expected appearance (a rumor we can neither confirm nor deny).

The end is nigh, friends! We’ll send out another update by mid-next week with more developments. And be sure to check out krtkl on Twitter and in our Forum for random updates, pics, posts, and other musings.

Hang in there, everybody. Good things always come to those who wait! :^)

Yours truly,

the krtkl crew

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