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Apr 27, 2016

Project update 17 of 60

Meet breakyBreaky!

Ciao snickerdoodlers,

In case you missed itbreakyBreaky has arrived!

That’s right - 100 glorious, matte black boards hot off the press…

and they’re functioning beautifully:

A quick note: after playing with these a bit, we’ve decided to change the Zynq JTAG header - ‘left’ side, right above the power jack - to a right-angle version on these units (the new connectors are already on the way) so you can connect the microUSB and JTAG at the same time. We’d addressed this issue before during the design, but somehow the streams got crossed and it was overlooked for this first build. Not to worry though…for the next round we’ll be moving to the 10-pin Cortex-M debug connector so there will be plenty of room for everything.

Now, next up:

snickerdoodle - Rev. 3!

We’re wrapping up the final review of the latest PCB changes right now and we expect to have an order off to the fab/assembly house by tonight/early tomorrow. It’s a two-week build so we’ll probably ‘go dark’ for a little while…and we expect to come out the other end with some shiny new (and fully functional) specimens.

We’ll continue to tweet out new developments, demos, etc. as we grind away/find more stuff laying around the lab to hook up.

Stay tuned…and get excited!


the krtkl crew

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