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Jun 02, 2016

Project update 19 of 60

the first Alphas have shipped!


Apologies for the update delay - we’ve been overwhelmingly swamped…but we do have some exciting news to share:


That’s right, the first dozen snickerdoodles were boxed up and shipped out early Tuesday morning. Nearly brought a tear to our eye…

These first units will be arriving at Crowd Supply’s door any minute now (CS is handling fulfillment for us - thanks, guys!).

Next up is the balance of the Alphas - about 100 boards. It’s looking like they’ll be going out sometime the week of the 13th.

And last but not least…the first big production build. We are (still) awaiting final delivery confirmation on a couple key components, but otherwise we’re all good to go. Just as a heads up: while we don’t yet have an official date, it’s starting to look more and more likely that this build will be pushed into July. Some factors like part lead times are out of our control, but rest assured we’re working on getting these in your hands ASAP.

As always, we will keep everyone posted on progress as details continue to pour in.

Almost there…almost.

Kind regards,

the krtkl crew

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