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Dec 04, 2017

Project update 48 of 60

Hardware On the Way!

Good news, snickerdoodlers:

More hardware is "in the mail!" Delivery was delayed a couple days on each end due to the Thanksgiving holiday…and subsequent Black Friday/Cyber Monday madness ‘breaking’ UPS/FedEx/USPS. In any case, another ~150 snickerdoodles are making their way out Crowd Supply’s door at this very moment, with another ~175 doing the same in another week or so. On a related note, yields have gone WAY up - only a few spot failures with this last batch - so it should be pretty smooth sailing (production wise) going forward.

A note on deliveries: given the ongoing delays with piSmasher, we’ve elected to fulfill all domestic (US) orders as products become available vs. waiting for all the components for individual orders to arrive. While this doesn’t ‘solve’ the piSmasher problem, it will at least result in as many people as possible receiving hardware as soon as possible. We’re awaiting a final inventory count from Crowd Supply, after which we will provide an update on outstanding delivery quantities.

Some key decisions on the final piSmasher design have been on ‘quasi hold’ due to lengthy delays in the receipt of quotations, data sheets, NDAs, etc. from manufacturers and distributors. We completely understand everyone’s (justified) anxiety and frustration with regard to the delivery schedule/s and we are moving things forward as quickly as the supply chain will allow. Back when the pre-production piSmasher design rolled off the line earlier this year, we unfortunately ran into some signal integrity problems on the video interface that left us with a choice: go through the expensive process of re-laying out the existing product, or take the opportunity to improve the product in a way that would ultimately result in a more feature-rich and future-proof version of the original design. Despite the wait, we are confident you’ll be pleased with the end result.

We expect to be running another snickerdoodle job in January - pending the availability of some key silicon (notably LPDDR and flash, both which are proving extremely difficult to come by right now). We’ll provide another update on everything before the end of the year. Be sure to check Twitter for interim updates and [email us]( question) with any questions/concerns.

Sincerely yours,

the krtkl crew

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