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Sep 02, 2016

Project update 23 of 60

Production commencing

Fellow snickerdoodlers,

Read on for this week’s snickerdoodle update…

snickerdoodle - All DFM findings have been corrected and we’ll be commencing PCB fabrication on Tuesday, Sept. 6 (turns out Monday is a holiday…). There were a couple delays while we nailed down the solder mask and silkscreen with our vendor. We’re pretty picky when it comes to aesthetics if you couldn’t already tell. :)

Lead time on the fabs is 4 weeks. All parts are on order and on schedule for the builds to commence as soon as the PCBs arrive. Assembly time is 2-3 weeks so, as of today, we appear to be on track for fulfillment “sometime" in October. We’ll of course update as we get closer to delivery.

(By the way, if you’re looking for something to whet your snickerdoodle appetite while you wait, some of our Alpha users have been nice enough to share their projects and videos with us. We’ll get these posted somewhere/somehow in the coming days and weeks for everyone to check out.)

The “app” - We’re going to be sending out an invite to our Alpha users later today (after putting together some basic documentation/instructions).

breakyBreaky - In process/good to go!

piSmasher - In case you missed it, the first piSmashers arrived this week! We’re performing basic bringup now. So far the only issue appears to be with the Ethernet; somehow when we went to the new Marvell parts, an old/wrong footprint got inserted into the design and it appears all the pinouts have been flipped… Fortunately, the MagJack we’re using happens to be mechanically identical when mirrored around the center plane, so we’re going to try flipping it over to the other side of the board and see if we can get it working properly. More updates to come on this…

giggleBits - Same as last time. We’re working on a couple different schemes that people will like. More to come…

cookieJar - Finally got our SolidWorks machine back up and running (thanks to the nice folks at GoEngineer. Gotta get back on this sometime in the next week or so…

copperHead - We’ll be testing these this weekend to make sure the thermal adhesive performs as expected. These will be ready in time.

SD cards - Good to go!

Jumpers - Officially ordered…on schedule/in process/good to go!

Housings - Good to go!

Finally, we’ll be making some headway on the snickerdoodle site in the coming days/weeks. We are hoping to have something to share in time for the next update.

That’s it! Things are really cooking now…

Best regards,

the krtkl crew

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