A simple, open source DAQ module for the Raspberry Pi Pico

May 04, 2022

Project update 1 of 2

Board Optimizations, New Features, GUI Development, and a Poll!

by Alperen Akküncü

I’ve been working on a number of different aspects of PlainDAQ lately. In particular, I’ve been cost optimizing the PCB, picking components that are easy to source, and working on an intuitive graphical user interface.

Recent Changes to the PCB

Help Me Decide Between Wi-Fi & Bluetooth…

I need change the wireless module, but I need your help to decide between…

  1. An ESP-WROOM-02 Wi-Fi module (first render below)
  2. An HM-BT4502(A) BLE module (second render below)

New PlainDAQ with ESP-WROOM-02 (Wi-Fi)

New PlainDAQ with HM-BT4502(A) (BLE)

To help me decide, please join the twitter poll here or e-mail me at

Sneak Peek of the GUI

It is far from complete, but the image below should give you a sense of how it’s going to look:

GUI Capabilities

Analog Input

Analog Output

The PlainDAQ GUI will also provide a number of features for analyzing captured waveforms. And it’s all going to be open-source, so you’ll have the ability to add any additional features you might need.

Lastly, below is a new PlainDAQ logo. It includes a visual that depicts the aliasing effect of sampling and, below that, a list of the board’s basic features:

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