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Aug 23, 2017

Project update 3 of 6

Very Useful Mods

Most soldering kits are “color by number” kits where you have to follow directions exactly otherwise the circuit won’t work.

With our Very Useful Circuits, we’ve identified circuits that are robust and simple enough that you can swap out components to better understand how the circuit works.

That’s why we actively encourage modifying our circuits: the more you tinker, the more you learn!

In this update, we’ll share a few of our favorite mods… we can’t wait to see what you come up with! Some of these mods are already available in our Student Explorer packs, but to encourage additional exploration, we’re offering limited quantities of our favorite mods on Crowd Supply: a Touchpad Buzzer kit and UV Lights!

Touchpad with Buzzer

We like embedding Touchpad into projects because it make them interactive. The Touchpad soldering kit comes with an LED, but we’ve enhanced this version by including a buzzer. Instead of lighting up an LED, create a sound when the conductive pad is pressed. You can use this mod to create a board game buzzer, a doorbell or your own creation.

Touchpad with Buzzer Mod
Touchpad with Buzzer Mod

Nitelight with UV Light

When we discovered how to make LEGO bricks glow with an ultraviolet LED, we couldn’t help modifying our Nitelight board to include one! In this kit, a phototransistor triggers the LED to light up. Place your creation in a dark area and watch your LEGOs glow. We found that the transparent yellow, orange or green LEGO bricks work best.

UV Light Mod in action.
UV Light Mod in action.

You can get your hands on both of these Very Useful Circuit mods only on Crowd Supply. Order soon - only limited quantities of these soldering kits will be available!

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