Phi Mainboard 5LC

by Likha Labs

An open source ESP32 3D printer controller with built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet

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The First Crowd Supply Campaign From the Philippines Is Now Live!

by Renz Christian Bagaporo

The global pandemic has been terrible, but it got me into 3D printing and, eventually, into designing and building Phi. I wanted the ultimate controller board for my printer – one that could do it all. After about a year of working on Phi, I finally have one. And you can too! So please swing by my campaign page, learn more about Phi, and decide if it’s fit to be your next controller board.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be sending out updates filled with content I was unable to squeeze into the campaign page itself. Subscribe to the project if you want to stay in touch!

- Renz

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Phi Mainboard 5LC

Includes the controller board, a Micro SD card, and a bag of crimps, terminals, and housings for Molex KK 254, JST VH, and screw connectors. Ready to use—firmware flashed and Micro SD card preloaded with necessary contents.


Likha Labs

A small company focusing on the design of advanced, open-source electronics for digital fabrication machines.

Renz Christian Bagaporo

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