LimeNET Micro

A software-defined radio platform with integrated processor for creating self-contained wireless networks

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Apr 24, 2019

Project update 13 of 20

Field Report Contest

The LimeSDR family of software-defined radios has been around for a few years now. After all this time in the wild, we’ve seen some amazing applications and demos in the Myriad-RF forum and elsewhere. Yet, we’re sure we haven’t even scratched the surface, so we’re putting out this official call for demos and applications to showcase what members of the community have done with your Lime gear!

Did you do something unique, difficult, or unexpected with your Lime product? Are you looking for alien signals from deep space? Setting up a private cellular network for you and your friends in the middle of the wilderness? Let the community know! Or, maybe you’ve done something less glamorous but nonetheless of potential use to Lime users, like a particular configuration with universal application, or a solution to a knotty technical problem? Share a “Field Report” with us and we’ll share it with the world!

How? Send us a few paragraphs (300 words or more) describing your project using any Lime technology. Include any technical details you think would be helpful to the community. Tell us how it went, where you did it, why you did it, what the results were, what challenges you faced, the more detail the better. (Don’t worry too much about the writing, we have editors.) We’ll publish the most unique, useful, ambitious, and downright cool projects as official project updates and on our blog. One of those published will be chosen at random to win a LimeSDR Mini to do even more cool stuff with!

Please send us your Field Report. Just put “Field Report Submission” as your subject line so we know what it is. Be sure to include your contact info. The deadline to get us your submission is May 21st.

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