A software-enabled network-in-a-box based on LimeSDR

Jul 03, 2017

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Backhaul Connectivity with LimeNET Gateway

We have been hard at work to come up with the LimeNET Gateway so that our backers can have backhaul cellular connectivity. LimeNET Gateway box offers Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity backed up by a connection to any 2G, 3G, or 4G macrocell. In this way, LimeNET users can access the Internet and make outside calls. See the video below for an explanation by Ebrahim.

In the video, Ebrahim also references the LimeNET app store, where you will find all the applications needed to set up a 4G network on LimeNET. The app store will be fully operational before we start shipping LimeNET products to our backers. Stay tuned for lots of updates on the app store and our progress to democratise the wireless world.

You can get LimeNET Gateway for a limited time at special campaign pricing. See the pledge levels to the right.

Jessica and the Lime Team

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