A software-enabled network-in-a-box based on LimeSDR

Mar 08, 2019

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Mimik edgeSDK Demo

The mimik edgeSDK turns any device into an edge cloud server and when combined with a LimeNET base station, this provides a decentralised platform upon which applications can be built that are not tethered to a cloud service provider. The benefits of this include far greater resilience and security, together with reduced latency and traffic over backhaul links. In this video mimik’s Sam Armani gives a quick demo where the LimeNET Access application that is powered edgeSDK, is used to share content between devices. It is important to note that there is no internet connectivity in this demo. All devices discover, connect and communicate with each other via the mimik edgeSDK installed on the LimeNET Mini and mobile phone.

Please visit for access to the mimik edgeSDK.

Andrew and the LimeNET Team

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