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Vodafone Backs LimeNET Software-defined 5G/IoT Radio Platforms

We have some BIG developments.

Vodafone, a key global operator, is backing LimeNET and supporting us to take our software defined radio technology mainstream with operator deployments.

Similar to BT / EE, which backed our LimeSDR campaign, Vodafone will provide the required backing for the launch of the new LimeNET app store and creation of new applications for wireless networks based on the LimeNET family of products alongside those from the community of developers that have backed the LimeSDR campaign.

More information on LimeNET SIM is available in the next campaign update.

LimeNET applications include IoT and 5G as well as those such as media streaming, and test and measurement.

The three current systems available to backers are:

  • LimeNET Mini is a small cell for developers creating and running residential networks including IoT / cellular.

  • LimeNET Enterprise is a newly developed system that lets you connect several LimeSDR boards and create highly-complex complex networks across a range of standards and frequencies.

  • The LimeNET wide area network in a box is among the most advanced radios available to carriers and is ideal for creating high-power / long range cellular networks that can be upgraded via over-the-air software updates.

Exciting times ahead!

Thank you for being part of this campaign.

Cheers, Jessica and the LimeNET Team

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Product Choices


LimeNET Mini

A high-performance mini PC with an integrated and shielded internal LimeSDR USB micro Type-B, U.FL cables, and antennas. This hardware is fully qualified for compatibility with the LimeNET Ubuntu app store.


LimeNET Gateway

A complete, certified, high-bandwidth cellular gateway that provides Wi-FI and Ethernet Internet connectivity backed by a connection to a 2G, 3G, or 4G macrocell. It provides users with downlink and uplink throughput of 150 and 50 Mbps, respectively, and can connect to any operator network with a SIM card (not included).


LimeNET Base Station

This is a steeply discounted combination of the LimeNET Core + LimeNET Amplifier Chassis. This is all you need to set up your own cellular network! These are made to order and fulfillment timelines vary.


LimeNET Core

A top-of-the-line gaming PC with an integrated LimeSDR QPCIe board. As the name suggests, it is the core of the LimeNET Base Station, but you can also get it separately for desktop development or integration into your own system. These are made to order and fulfillment timelines vary.


LimeNET Amplifier Chassis

Amplifier Module for long range connectivity features: Set of two (MIMO): 10 W RF Output Power Amplifier + Duplexer + Antenna Your choice of frequency band (700 MHz, 1.8 GHz, 2.6 GHz, 3.5 GHz) Thick monolithic aluminum body These are made to order and fulfillment timelines vary.


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