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Field Report: Amateur Digital TV Broadcast with LimeSDR Mini

by Harold G

Harold Giddings, a host on Signals Everywhere shared with us a couple of video episodes explaining how he put together a fully functional amateur digital TV station using a LimeSDR Mini and hardware that is either cheap or you likely already have.

The hardware setup consists of the Mini, a web-cam, a laptop, and a cheap consumer FTA satellite receiver. Harold uses DATV Express software to process the audio and video into a dvb-s digital stream which is then broadcast using the Mini. By correctly setting up the FTA receiver, he is able to receive broadcasts on multiple digital channels.

You may have noticed that the hardware setup does NOT include an LNB. To see how he pulls off this trick, check out the videos:

Make Your Own TV Station Using Amateur Radio With LimeSDR Mini

DATV DVB-S Transmitter With a LimeSDR

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