LimeSDR Mini

An open, full-duplex, USB stick radio for femtocells and more

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Jul 11, 2018

Project update 40 of 53

Latest batch of LimeSDR Minis are in!

LimeSDR Minis and Grove Starter Kits in the Crowd Supply warehouse.

Shipping resumes this week!

This week, Crowd Supply will start shipping back orders of LimeSDR Minis and Grove Starter Kits. If you need to, now is the time to update your shipping address by logging in to your Crowd Supply account. You will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number when your order ships. If you have more questions about shipping, please take a look at The Crowd Supply Guide.

Pre-order period is ending

With this latest batch of LimeSDR Mini boards, plus the upcoming batch soon to be produced, we expect the LimeSDR Mini to be well stocked and ready to ship within a few business days. In anticipation of the pre-order period coming to a close, the price of a LimeSDR Mini will increase from \$139 USD to \$149 USD this coming Friday. Orders placed before 5 PM PDT Friday then will still enjoy the pre-order price.

Aluminum Cases and LimeSDR

The LimeSDR Mini with Aluminum Case is currently being manufactured and expected to arrive at Crowd Supply’s fulfillment center by July 31. The regular LimeSDR with Aluminum Kit is scheduled to arrive July 31 as well. Regular LimeSDR USB Type-A boards will arrive slightly before the end of the month.

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