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Jun 01, 2022

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LimeSDR Mini 2.0 is Now Live!

by Ebrahim B

The wait is over! We’re excited to announce that the LimeSDR Mini 2.0 campaign is now live. Here are a few important details.

First, we’ve paid careful attention to the delivery schedule. In particular, we’ve arranged for expedited delivery of the first batch of 1,000 units. This first batch will have a lead time of 14 weeks. All subsequent batches will have a lead time of 32 weeks. We’ll of course try to shorten lead times whenever possible, but the supply chain has not been forgiving lately and we don’t want to over-promise.

Second, we made the difficult decision to stop production of the LimeSDR. Going forward, LimeSDR Mini 2.0 will be our flagship SDR.

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LimeSDR Mini 2.0 prototype at an angle

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