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Nov 14, 2017

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Pre-production v1.0 Boards Arrived

We recently took delivery of the final batch of pre-production LimeSDR Mini boards, which are the v1.0 design complete with rounded PCB corners and SMA connectors for Tx and Rx.

The boards also feature U.FL connectors on the underside for reference clock I/O, making it possible to lock to external, high-accuracy clock sources and to synchronise multiple boards.

U.FL connectors on the underside of the LimeSDR MIni are for synchronising to an external clock

With these first v1.0 boards now in hand, we will next be refining the acrylic case design and then sending a limited number of kits to key members of the community.

Anyone for 10x10 MIMO?

Stay tuned for further updates as we provide progress on manufacturing and share details of additional demos using both the LimeSDR Mini and LMS8001 Companion boards.

Andrew and the LimeSDR Mini Team

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