CANtact Pro

An open source tool for talking to Controller Area Network (CAN) devices and hacking cars

Aug 07, 2020

Project update 4 of 8


by Eric E

Need a CAN tool on Windows? BUSMASTER is an open source tool for analyzing and simulating CAN networks. Our BUSMASTER fork adds support for CANtact. This supports the new CANtact Pro of course, but also works with existing CANtact devices and clones.

A screenshot of selecting CANtact in BUSMASTER.
Selecting CANtact in BUSMASTER.

BUSMASTER is likely the most feature rich open source CAN software tool. It provides a variety of tools for capturing, displaying, and analyzing CAN data. It also contains support for ISOTP diagnostics and J1939.

CAN databases, including DBC files, can be loaded into BUSMASTER for decoding. This allows for live decoding of CAN data into real world signals. For example, databases from the opendbc project can be used in BUSMASTER. These signals can also be logged and graphed.

Receiving and Transmitting using BUSMASTER.
Receiving and Transmitting using BUSMASTER.

Further documentation can be found in the BUSMASTER manual (PDF).

Windows support was always lacking with the original CANtact devices. With the release of CANtact Pro, we’ve made an effort to support all major platforms. This included writing cross-platform driver software that works on Windows, Linux, and macOS. This is what provides under the hood support for BUSMASTER and other tools. We’ll discuss cross-platform support more in a future update!

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