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Jul 10, 2024

Project update 10 of 10

Getting Ready to Ship and Our New Quick Start Guide!

by Alfredo Bonini

Hi everyone! We are just a few days away from shipping all products to Mouser. Don’t forget to double check that your shipping address is correct in your Crowd Supply account!

The last few weeks have been quite stressful, but today we will focus only on the positive aspects. We want to show you a video of the final series machine with its accessories, just like the one you will receive. Please take a moment and enjoy:


Looking back, we are very proud of the post-campaign improvements we have made. At this point we believe you will receive some sort of "Gen 2.5" or "Gen 2+", instead of the Gen 2 offered in the campaign. We have already discussed most of the improvements, but a complete list will allow you to appreciate the efforts made:

  1. The machine will be delivered fully assembled. You will only need to install the release film of your choice on the resin vat.
  2. A USB type-C adapter board will be delivered with all machines and development kits to upload firmware and to provide a more convenient connection of the auxiliary pins.
  3. With each machine and additional vat, 2 different types of cutting-edge release film will be delivered: ACF and NFEP.
  4. The above involved a redesign of the mini vat adapter part and the manufacture of two calibration cards of different thickness.
  5. The machine cover was greatly improved to a comfortable flip-top design, providing greater rigidity and thermal dissipation with its aluminum back.
  6. The above involved modifying the position of the micro SD card slot on the main board. Since we were making changes to the PCB, we also improved the tactile switch and two heatsink pads.
  7. Two POM machined washers were added to the carriage, to facilitate the correct position of the screws that hold the build platform.
  8. Several improvements to the firmware were included: printing parameters, memories, clean vat tool, etc.
  9. The standard vat silicone cover was modified twice to achieve a better fit.
  10. A shockproof case is included with each machine for safe storage and transportation.

In addition to this other work involved, these improvements have involved higher manufacturing costs than initially estimated. Added to the extraordinary 28.5% import taxes of the 301 Tariffs and the increasing shipping costs, we have no other alternative than to make an ocean shipment to Mouser. Although this is the first time we will make a shipment of this type, we believe that everything should be fine since most goods are transported around the world in this way. Shipping will take about four weeks, and we will share another update to inform you of its arrival at Mouser. From there the final shipment will be made to each of you.

Quick Start Guide

Anyway, today we will not leave you empty-handed. We have just published the first edition of the Gen 2 Quick Start Guide. This way, you can study the operation of the Gen 2 in depth before receiving it. It can be downloaded from our Github.

It has an A5 format, and if you want, you can print 2 pages for each common A4 sheet. If you have any additional questions, as always, you can ask them through the Ask a Question link on our project page. We will add an FAQ section to the next edition of this QSG based on the questions you ask us. Please ask politely and everything will be answered.


For those who have not yet decided to purchase a Lite3DP Gen 2, it is important to mention that along with the campaign products, additional stock will arrive to Mouser, which is currently being pre-sold on Crowd Supply. Don’t wait until the last minute, as it is a very limited quantity, and we have not yet defined a manufacturing date for the next batch.

See you next time!

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