Open Game Station

A modular, open hardware gaming platform for classic 8-bit games

Aug 05, 2020

Project update 2 of 8

Why We Created Open Game Station

by Longan Lab
A Famicom cartridge and a Longan Card

Recreating Fond Memories

One of our most powerful childhood memories involves playing with our Famicom (FC). This memory is tactile as well as visual: both the yellow tape and the act of inserting the card have become symbols in our minds. Of course, we still very much enjoy playing simple, classic games, so the motivation behind Open Game Station goes well beyond nostalgia. Our goal with this project is to recreate one of life’s simple joys, and to do so with open hardware, open source software, and a modular design.

The original Famicom game system
Inserting a Longan Card into Open Game Station

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