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Jan 19, 2024

Project update 7 of 8

Manufacturing Progress

by Ines Zhou

Hey everyone, Happy New Year🎉, even if it’s a tad late!

Exciting news for you: the SwiftIO Micro is almost ready to roll out.

We started gearing up for mass-producing Swift Micro in December and finished it at the end of the month.

To thoroughly check every board, we made a nifty test jig for the SwiftIO Micro. It takes around 2 minutes to test each board. And get this – we’re using two boards programmed in Swift to test another board running Swift test code. Pretty cool, right?

The Swift Micro’s pins are unsoldered, giving you more freedom. Keep an eye out; it’ll be available in our store soon.

Oh, and we’ve made some packing materials, including packaging and stickers, for both the SwiftIO Micro and SwiftIO Playground. So, our room has been a bit of a mess lately with boxes📦 from different factories.

On another note, we’re gearing up for the production of the SwiftIO Playground and plan to kick things off at the end of this month. Exciting times ahead! In 2023, you had our backs, and in 2024, we’re committed to making sure you’re beyond delighted when you get your hands on our goodies. Thanks a million for being on this journey with us! 🚀

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