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Oct 23, 2020

Project update 4 of 4

Production Update & Modifications

by Masahiro Mizuno

We’d like to announce quick production update. Based on feedback from users, we have made some modifications to REFLO Air in order to make a better product for everyone.

All orders from now on (including those that are currently pending shipment) will include these updates.

1. Surge Protection

We added a varistor and a fast blow fuse around AC power. This will prevent failure caused by surge voltage.

2. Heat Nozzle

We attached a nozzle on the top of the heater. It helps with more efficient heating and allows the temperature to reach the melting point more rapidly.

3. Mobile App

We embedded a wireless IC that connects with your mobile devices. This enables you to confirm the status of the product, set offset temperature, and plot temperature change.

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