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Flexible, chainable, easy-to-use, machine-sewable micro-LED strips that require no soldering or code

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Jan 02, 2024

Project update 6 of 8

Campaign Final Days and Product Giveaway

by Stephanie P

Happy New Year, and only two days remain of this campaign! If you had any friends that are on the fence, now is the time to pick up the kit before the campaign wraps up. I’m also giving away a free GlowStitch kit to a lucky person who likes and shares this post on Mastodon, Twitter and Instagram. Three kits will be given away total to celebrate the successful funding of this campaign. Once again, a huge thank you to everyone who has come on board so far. I’m excited to get started with putting in the bulk order straight away after the campaign ends, and I will keep you all in the loop through these updates as to what the estimated delivery dates are.

One of my favourite things about GlowStitch LEDs is that they are open source. If you’re interested in making your own modules or experimenting with this concept further you are very welcome to do so! My goal is to make it easier and faster to grow this space. It’s so important for making better wearable tech and making electronics that makes it easy to learn. Please enjoy this poster I made celebrating open source.
Until next week, and I continue to deeply appreciate all your support and encouragement!

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