GlowStitch LEDs

Flexible, chainable, easy-to-use, machine-sewable micro-LED strips that require no soldering or code

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Nov 20, 2023

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Our Campaign is Now Live!

by Stephanie P

I am delighted to announce that the GlowStitch LEDs crowdfunding campaign is now live! These are craft-friendly LED lights that are fully machine sewable, making wearable tech projects easier than ever. These are also super versatile and can be painted over to add lights to artworks, used in papercraft, cosplay, prop making and much more. Made from ultra thin flexible circuit boards, GlowStitch LEDs are perfect for hobbyists, crafting, sewing and STEAM activities in the classroom.

Designed to be used by the absolute beginner, GlowStitch LEDs require no coding and no soldering, you’ll only need what’s in the box to get started. It also comes with a glossy, printed instruction manual filled with project ideas, circuit diagrams and helpful tips to get you making great projects.

It’s been a long journey to launch these, with many rounds of feedback and improvements over the last two years. I’m so proud of the final result and am happy to have them available for you all. GlowStitch LEDs are fully open source, and you can design your own modules to broaden the ecosystem of parts.

GlowStitch LEDs are created by experienced product designer Steph Piper, famous for beautiful two-tone PCB art and electronics kits which are available worldwide.

✨Visit the campaign page below to pick up your GlowStitch Kit, shipping in early 2024. ✨

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