Neosegment Digit

Neosegment Digit is a modern take on the seven-segment display.

Oct 18, 2017

Project update 7 of 7

All Pre-orders have been shipped!

Hello backers!

I have shipped out the modules for remaining pre-orders past Friday and they are in Crowd Supply’s possession to be distributed to all outstanding buyers!

You should be receiving these modules very soon.

It’s been quite a journey manufacturing so many modules in my own house. To date I have put together 463 modules and soldered over 150 prototyping connectors. That amounts to over 5,000 solder joints performed by my soldering iron. I had to use my 3D printer day and night to print enough shells and inserts. My amazing wife has been helping me cut out the diffuser sheets and put the shells and inserts together.

By the way, to meet the demand for the modules I have purchased another one of the same 3D printer I’ve been using Monoprice Maker Select V2 to double the capacity of plastic production. Having the two printers print the same part helps a lot with consistency and reduced overhead:

After many long days and nights of work all modules are done which brings me a quite a big relief!

Thank you for your patience and support as I produced Neosegment modules, I couldn’t do this without your interest!

What’s next?

I’ll be making many more of Neosegment modules and will be improving the software in the next few weeks. As I mentioned before, PCBWay has assembled many hundreds of "Neosegment Digit" modules for me and I’ve been de-panelizing them and cleaning them out before soldering connectors onto them.

Here’s what the panels, each consisting of 4 modules, look like:

Crowd Supply has built up a decent stock of these modules so that you can buy some more immediately and not wait as long as you have!

Enjoy the colors and ease of use of your modules and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any feedback!

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