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ULTiM8x8 Design Walkthrough

So, you’ve read the main campaign page and the ULTiM8x8 specs but maybe you’re still left wondering what the ULTiM8x8 is about and how it works. Well, look no further because Anool, resident PCB design wizard, has got you covered with an in-depth walkthrough on the specifics of the ULTiM8x8 design.

Now that you know every little detail about the ULTiM8x8 stay tuned because some awesome example projects will be dropping very soon!

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Product Choices


Your Name In Lights!

We are bringing back "YOUR NAME IN LIGHTS!!!" If you like what we are doing and want to see your name on the big screen, this pledge level is for you. We will post a YouTube video of all of our "YOUR NAME IN LIGHTS!!!" backers with some cool animations and royalty free background tunes.



You see where this is going. That's right, three ULTiM8x8 RGB panels with an ULTiM8 Bus back plane to mount them on. Make a clock, or a twitter display, the world is your oyster! Comes with mounting hardware.



Three is good, but nine is thrice as nice! Nine ULTiM8x8 RGB panels with mounting hardware and three ULTiM8 Bus back planes. Great for an 8x72 LED Marquee display, an Awesome 24x24 LED matrix, or lots of blinky blocks all over the place!


ULTiM8 Bus Board

A naked ULTiM8 bus board so you can mix and match pledge levels a la carte style. Mount 1, 2, or 3 ULTiM8x8 boards on each ULTiM8 Bus. Stack multiple ULTiM8 Busses to make even larger arrays. Each ULTiM8 Bus sports an Adafruit Feather footprint.


Maniacal Labs / WyoLum

Two powerhouse teams working as one, dedicated to making the best open LED devices possible.

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