The ultimate modular, no-solder, RGB LED panel system

May 13, 2017

Project update 4 of 4

The Astounding Work of Jason Coon

In the world of awesome LED displays, Jason Coon’s work is a cut above the rest. Time and time again we’ve come across his work, especially on the FastLED Google+ group, and been amazed. So, we couldn’t wait to get some ULTiM8x8s in his hands and see what he would come up with. To say the least, he did not disappoint.

If you love that, check out this insane half cube…

The other thing we love about Jason is that, like us, he’s a big supporter of open source. So, of course, all the code for what you see above is provided:


He’s even provided all the 3D designs to print the parts needed for the cube:


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