Maya Posch

Karlsruhe  ·

A software engineer by trade and self-professed electronics, robotics and AI nut, I run my own software development company (‘Nyanko’) together with my good friend Trevor Purdy, where I work on various game development projects and also some non-game projects. Next to this I do various (freelance) jobs for companies around the globe and am working on a new R&D technology start-up called Nyantronics. See my Linkedin profile for more work-related details as well as my portfolio and CV on this site.

Beyond writing software, I like to play with equations and write novels, such as my awesome re-imagining of the story of the Nintendo classic Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and the survival-horror novel I started a while back, titled Viral Desire, or one of the many short stories. See the Library section on this site for a full listing of my writings. I also have a Patreon account related to said writings.

Another major topic of interest for me is that of biochemistry, robotics and the reverse-engineering of the human body. See my ‘Artificial Human’ blog for details there. If there’s anything I don’t lack it has to be sheer ambition, it seems.

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