An ESP32-WROVER with an RP2040 co-processor in a Raspberry Pi 4 form factor

May 18, 2023

Project update 7 of 7

EsPiFF is close to shipment!

by Steffen Wittenburg, Michael Schmid

To our dear backers, the countdown is on!

EsPiFFs are finally ready to be shipped soon. There are just some of the supercaps we are waiting on, because we got a wrong part shipped. We have already ordered the supercaps from an other distributor, and they will arrive end of this week. An army of 140 EsPifFFs are ready for their final journey to the warehouse of Crowd Supply’s distribution partner, Mouser.

The export documents are filed, safety instructions printed, the boards checked, labels printed, UPS account available, they are all ready for the final day.


You may be seeing the new cables for the first time. In the past, we had the cables without a PVC jacket. By using the old style cable, we found the single wires of these cables can go everywhere. So we asked the cable manufacturer to add a PVC jacket, to keep the single wires together. It’s just a small thing, but it makes working with the EsPiFF and the cables so much easier.

We also unified the color code. One functionality has one color, independent of the cable.

Red is +5 V. Black is GND. Green is U0RXD, Blue is U0TXD, White is SCL, Brown is SDA. Easy to use, particular when you use the Du Pont single connector. When you place the EsPiFF into a machine (as we do), the new improved cables give a very nice cabling.

Now is the time to double check that the address you provided to Crowd Supply is correct, and update them if necessary. You can confirm or change your address in your "order details" within your Crowd Supply account: All crowdfunding orders will be covered by the first batch.

Thank you for your continued support!

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