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Nov 01, 2023

Project update 9 of 10

New Feature and Home Assistant Example

by Ali Slim

It has been nearly a year since WiCAN was launched. During this time, I have been working on new projects and have continuously introduced new features and improvements to the WiCAN firmware.

One of the most significant updates was the transition to IDF v5.1.1, which addressed numerous Wi-Fi and BLE stability issues. Additionally, I introduced a powerful feature - the CAN to JSON interpreter. This feature processes any CAN frames into JSON format, applies calculations as specified by a mathematical expressions, and transmits the resulting data to an MQTT broker at predefined intervals.

This feature proves especially valuable when integrated with Home Assistant, as it can eliminate the need for using NodeRed. I have also provided an example demonstrating how to use this feature to read an electric vehicle (EV) battery’s State of Charge (SoC) within Home Assistant. The example I’ve provided is based on the ORA Funky Cat Electric Vehicle, but it can serve as a reference for other cars and different parameters.

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