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Aug 11, 2021

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Hello FPGA Summer Giveaway

Curious about FPGAs but not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered! We’re teaming up with Crowd Supply, OSH Park, and Mouser to give away 30 Hello FPGA kits this summer and cover prototyping costs for up to five new shield designs.

Three Opportunities for a Free Hello FPGA Kit

Thanks to Mouser Electronics and OSH Park for providing free parts and PCBs!

Hello FPGA

The Hello FPGA kit is a compact, entry-level platform designed for people who are getting started with FPGAs. The kit can handle complex tasks, such as image processing, signal processing and machine learning, and it can also measure the live FPGA core power consumption at the same time as running designs. For low-power applications, the Hello FPGA kit allows users to freeze the design while maintaining the I/O state using flash freeze mode.

The Hello FPGA kit is very flexible and perfect for prototyping, featuring Arduino and mikroBUS connectors, three user push buttons, five user LEDs, power indicator LEDs, an FPGA JTAG header, a PICit header, two 20-pin expansion headers, and a USB 2.0 port.

Powerful Demos

To help you get a grip on this technology, we’ve created three demos using the Hello FPGA kit:

Ask an FPGA Engineer

As part of the Hello FPGA Summer Giveaway, a Microchip engineer will make a guest appearance on Crowd Supply’s Teardown Sessions livestream. We’ll dive into the world of FPGAs, step through the nuts and bolts of using and programming the Hello FPGA kit, and show off some of the above demos.

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