Open source, battery powered, stand-off acoustic water leak detection

Nov 22, 2022

Project update 9 of 11

Shipping Process Underway

by Mike H

The first production run of the AquaPing is complete. Sensors have been packaged and are being shipped to the Mouser distribution center in Texas, where they will then be sent to all campaign backers. If you have an order in, please double-check that Crowd Supply has your correct delivery address. You can change your address in your Crowd Supply account, within your "Order Details", or you can contact Crowd Supply Support, if needed.

The video below shows pick-and-place assembly of a 2x2 AquaPing panel at Cyber City Circuits. Every board has been tested and found to work perfectly! We are very happy to have CCC as our contract manufacturer and can recommend them highly.

While you are waiting for your order to arrive, it would be a good idea to take a look at the user manual to get familiar with the sensor and its capabilities. Understanding how it operates will give the best results. The manual has a new troubleshooting section to help in resolving problems that may occur.

The AquaPing can perform an out-of-the-box demo without interfacing to a master controller. Connect the 3V3 and GND pins to a quiet DC power source to initiate a training session. The green and red surface-mount LEDs (D1 and D2) will flash to indicate sensor status; consult the manual for more information. Modification of the default firmware settings is done with a simple command set using the serial I2C bus.

When you have had an opportunity to evaluate and experiment with the hardware, consider submitting a field report. Issues, technical questions, bug reports, any and all questions can be sent direct using the link below or posted publicly in the discussion section of the project github.

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