Winkel Board

by Mintbox Technologies

Powerful, All-in-one, Arduino-compatible Development and Prototyping Board with ATmega128 at it's Core.

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Production Progress

With only a few days remaining until the end of campaign, we would appreciate if you can help us share our project and campaign to your maker friends so they can grab their Winkel Board before the first batch goes out of stock!

With that being said we are proud to convey that the first batch of PCB’s for Winkel board and Tiny Gyro Mount is complete. Here are some pictures:

In addition to the base PCB’s, all the required components have been sourced already and are in transit. As soon as they arrive, we shall begin assembly, testing and finally shipping the finished boards to Crowd Supply warehouse from where they will be shipped to all the backers.

As of this update, our manufacturing plans are on schedule.

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Jan 23 2017
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Product Choices


Winkel Board

1 x Winkel Board. Free shipping to US and India.


Winkel Pack

6 x Winkel Boards. Free shipping to US and India.


Tiny I2C gyro Mount

1 x MPU-6050 Gyroscope+Accelerometer i2c mount for the Winkel Board.


Mintbox Technologies

Mintbox Technologies is a tech startup who build smarter connected devices for everyone. We are into consumer electronics, open source software & hardware, PCB design services.

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